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Consulting offers

ISMEC supports its customers in terms of Financial Reporting, Controlling, Accounting, Interim Management and Strategic Planning.

Often managerial positions have to be replaced for various reasons: the (former) employee has found another job, or he might be on long term sick leave. Often the search for a suitable candidate takes an extended amount of time.

Under such circumstances, bridging the open position with an interim manager is often the better option.

ISMEC is capable of filling in such open positions on short call. Our consultants are excellent experts with longterm experience. They are highly motivated and willing to deliver short term results.

Below you will finde some more ideas in which ISMEC can support your organization:
  • Improvement in Performance (logistic, commercial, IT, Finance)
  • Restructuring
  • Re-establishment of financial control and transfer/disposal of activities

Due Diligence & Post merger Integration:
Often the quickest way of growth are acquisitions. An acquisition does not only increase one's chances on higher profit but bears numerous risks like the postmerger integration into the buying organisation.

Despite the high expecations of the buyers 60% to 80% of all acquisitions reduce the overall group value. Only on rare occations wrong selection or excessive purchasing price are the reasons for a decline in value. Both issues can be avoided more or less completely on the basis of a thorough due diligence job. Often the task of successfully integrating the acquired company into the existing structures is underestimated. Cultural differences have to be considered in the same manner as integrating the new employees into the existing structures.

The ISMEC consultants assist you in finding suited companies for mergers & acquisitions. From the selection, choice until the evaluation you can rely on the ISMEC expertise. We do not only supply you with a neutral evaluation of the organisation to be acquired. We also offer you the needed services for every step in the process of acquiring and integrating the chosen company. We will make your acquisition successful in every respect.

Post merger integrations:

In order to achieve possible synergy effects existing structures in the organisations have to be analyzed thoroughly and changes of these structures have to be planned carefully before implementing these changes in the acquired company.

Most of the times the managers of the acquiring company have to take care of the integration processes in addition to their normal routine tasks.

This work overload often bears poor results for the integration processes. Other often seen issues are lack of neutrality and/or experience plus time constraints of the managers in charge.

Basis for the successful management of a company are up to date performance figures.

The cutting edge for successful company management is a taylor-made controlling system, which supplies the necessary business ratios on a timely basis to the management.

The controlling services of ISMEC: - Analysis of your existing reporting and accounting processes, - Implementation and optimazation of reporting and controlling systems, - External Controlling and management accounting (on site or Remote), - Cash flow planning.

We optimize your existing management accounting and assist you in the selection of your controlling tools. We implement the selected systems in your company and train your employees if desired in a way that you have the necessary performance ratios readily available when needed.

Finance and Accounting

Process optimization in your finance and accounting department saves time and ressources and leads to increased efficiency in your company.

ISMEC supports small and medium companies in optimizing their accounting and finance processes. We also assist you in re-engineering your accounting processes - to increase the efficiency of your finance department.

We also offer for small companies to have their accounting outsourced to ISMEC - we guarantee for a high-quality, cost-saving accounting and timely provision of your financial reports.

Selection and Implementation of ERP Systems
After the selection of a new ERP - System it is necessary to analyze the company's processes. After a careful review it might be necessary to re-engineer some of them in order to adapt them to the new software.

Due to our long time experience with the implementation of ERP - Systems ISMEC can support you during this phase with excellent expertise. If requested ISMEC can take over the project management for the rollout of the new software, train the users as necessary and desired to achieve a smooth implementation.

After Go Live Support is self understood for ISMEC. Especially during the first weeks after the roll-out the users need to have a competent partner who is able to answer their questions. The ISMEC experts are available whenever needed - on site or remote!