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Our Philosophy

ISMEC stands for International Small (and) Medium Enterprises Consulting
The company has been founded more than ten years ago by Ralf Dreizler and Guido Kaspers.
ISMEC not only supports its clients during the development phase of new strategies, but does also support them during the implementation phase.

Many companies receive from their consulting suppliers promising strategic consulting, but are being left alone when it comes to putting the plans into reality. At this point the decision comes to light if a new process or plan does pay off and support the organisation or if it fails.

ISMEC considers its task after the development and design of new strategies for its clients not as finished.

When it comes to roll out the reengineered processes and to put them in place under consideration of the clients' special needs then it is important to have your consulting company ready. Only the successful implementation of new processes helps the client to profit from the worked out strategies.

Besides excellent education and qualification the ISMEC consultants need to have long term work experience out in the field. ISMEC considers it as a necessity to assist the client in implementing the strategy successfully in his organisation. Only then we have supplied you with a successful consulting service. The most important mission of ISMEC is to make the plan happen.